The government has been urged to take procurement very serious as it has been a huge leakage area in various institutions.

A governance expert, who made this known on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Wednesday, said though there are laws to check this wastage, “we fail to go accordingly” which to him is a huge problem.

According to Professor Albert Puni, it is important that the government tackles this leakage in procurement to save the county from losses.

“We know our problems as a country but if we are unable to stand firm and tackle our problems, we will continue to suffer. We have the laws, let’s make use of the laws we make and not breach them for political interest. With procurement especially, all government agencies must make sure to obey the laws we set else we will still find ourselves in the same hole,” he said.

Another situation Professor Puni expressed worry over was the government’s failure to prosecute officials who are fingered in the Auditor General’s report for causing financial loss to the state.

To him, such issues are all factors of leakages in public sectors.

He, therefore, wants the government to be consistent in tackling the main problem.