President of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, Madam Phillipa Larsen, has cautioned the West African Examination Council (WAEC) to abandon thoughts of cancelling papers written by students of the various Senior High Schools.

Madam Larsen, speaking with on Adom TV’s Nnawotwi Yi Saturday show, said until WAEC names and shames persons or staff members responsible for the exam leakages, the body should not entertain the idea of cancelling the already written papers.

“Until we name and shame the persons involved in leaking the papers, nobody should touch the students’ papers, because they did not set the questions, its not their fault,” she posited.

To Madam Larsen, it is WAEC that should be held responsible for the leakages and not the students.

The cancellation of the exam papers, according to her, is an undeserved punishment on students for the inefficiency of the examination body.


Speaking further in the interview, Madam Larsen debunked assertions by a section of the public that teachers help in leakages of WASSCE exam questions and in some cases provide answers to exam questions to students while the examination is ongoing.

“Allegations that teachers provide answers to students during WASSCE examinations are untrue, no evidence about the claims have been made available to me and I know teachers will not do that because it’s against our code of conduct,” she said.

She also called for the regulation of WAEC by an independent regulatory body to scrutinise the activities of the examination body.