Actress Gloria Sarfo and Yvonne Nelson
Actress Gloria Sarfo and Yvonne Nelson

Actress Gloria Sarfo has asked actress Yvonne Nelson to chillax and stop expending her energy on replying her harmless posts about the entertainment industry.

Gloria Sarfo weighed in on comments by Kobi Rana after Yvonne Nelson, in a series of tweets, expressed her distaste over something she had discovered about her colleagues.

Yvonne claimed the entertainnment industry is full of people with hate and jealousy.

One of her tweets read; “An INDUSTRY full of HATE & JEALOUSY. Learn to love one another and see how God will BLESS you!”

Responding to Yvonne’s tweets, Kobi Rana accused the actress of preaching virtue while practicing vice because she herself doesn’t support anybody’s work.


“You have never posted or supported anybody’s movie in your entire life. Today, you cry about support. Let us not preach LOVE and practice otherwise. We are ALL involved in making the INDUSTRY strong”, Kobi Rana’s posted on social media.

Gloria Sarfo also reacting to the posts took to her Instagram page and expressed her sentiments.

Her comments read; “Well I understand where Kobi is coming from, cos truthfully, that was the impression almost everyone of us had about Yvonne honestly but I guess things have changed now, maybe our sister has realised it’s not a good thing, and she is calling for a change in that direction…”

But Yvonne Nelson felt spited by the Efiewura star’s comments and in a quick reply, tweeted at Gloria saying ”with the whole industry! Most hate me anyways. I learnt the hard way and started my own productions. Stop sounding bitter, learn to love, just because yu haven’t seen your movie on my page doesn’t mean I don’t support people…I know y’all cant stand me. Ive known since i started acting charley. I hear all the stuff said behind my back, y’all see me and smile with me. I know you all”.

Speaking with Ola Michael on Neat FM’s ”Entertainment GH”, Gloria Sarfo denied posting to spite Yvonne Nelson.

According to her, her message wasn’t harmful but rather to call on her colleagues to support one another, hence wondering why Yvonne would flip her lid over an inoffensive comment of hers.

She disclosed that she is a number 1 fan of Yvonne Nelson and supports her movies every time without a slight hesitation.

She narrated numerous occassions where she would take a snapshot of Yvonne’s movies and post them on her Instagram to raise awareness and support for her and so was utterly shocked that she (Yvonne) would attack her in her tweets.

Gloria Sarfo asked Yvonne to take a chill pill for she is not her enemy.