The family of the X-rated American model, Tyger Booty, who was found dead at the Rayporsh Hotel at Abelemkpe, Accra is demanding for her autopsy to be done in the US.

Their demand, according to them, is because they do not trust health officials in Ghana, especially as circumstances surrounding her death remains sketchy.

“People have told us Ghanaian officials can be very corrupt. So we don’t trust Ghana health authorities will do a good job, so we want the autopsy done in the United States. Unfortunately, none of us is from Ghana, and we’re not sure what will happen,” she said.

A sister of the deceased, Julie Williams, speaking in an interview on Accra-based Asaase radio said they suspect foul play.

She noted her sister is not on drugs nor does she drink contrary to rumours.

“We would rather have it done in the states where we can trust the system because we don’t know anybody in Ghana. Everybody we talk to believes that something else is going on,” she added.

The death of the model, born Dasani Williams, comes a few days after she arrived in the country with the cause not known.


The Tesano Police have since commenced investigations with a report forwarded to the Headquarters.

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