One budding Ghanaian musician has narrated how she travels to meet her spiritual family members ever since her mum dedicated her to the sea when she was a baby through rituals.

According to Nyevile (which means sea in the Nzema language), her mother had issues with conceiving a child so she swore to dedicate her baby to the sea if she should get any.

She explained that, the rituals took four days where she got carried away by the sea and returned on the fourth day after the necessary rites were performed.

My mum and a prophetess dedicated me to the sea. My mum was having issues with childbirth so before she gave birth to me, she was told to dedicate me to it otherwise I would die.

So when she gave birth to me she left me at sea for four days. And on the fourth day they came back to pray then I came back.

Talking about how she travels undersea, she said it was spiritual because she could visit her family members anytime she wants, adding that, even if she wants to make an inquiry about someone or something bothering her it is easy for her to do so.

I see where I belong and I can communicate and do everything with them. I have a family out there in the sea. Now it’s not intense like before when my hair wasn’t cut and I was supposed to wear a particular dress and because of modernisation I went through rituals to get over it.


I can communicate with them anytime depending on the moment. It’s a big family undersea and when I am with them they also look like human beings. It also a world… but I don’t go there with my body but I see myself to be there. When I am in bed, when I sleep and sometimes when there is something hidden that I want to find out. If you are coming to me and I want to have a clue I could communicate with them and before you come I would know what to do, she said.

According to the songstress, who claims she has only one friend aside her sister and mother, no one is allowed to turn the lights on when she is asleep.

The only thing that is not allowed is when I am asleep you don’t have to on the lights. Unless you try, if I don’t know you and you on the lights it means you are a sign of danger… I might not harm you physically but I will not do it willingly and you might see a fish or something else like a creature under the sea, she explained.

She mentioned again that, she is not allowed to swim in waters, especially the sea.

It might be something within me. I live alone. I can only live with people I trust. My sister and my mum and I have only one friend who is aware of it.

When she was pushed by the host, Nyevile said she needed permission to go beyond her limit.

I have to ask for permission… I cannot say things anyhow… I have my limits, she said.

Nyevile, however, said she is human and has dated many men with whom she gave good luck to prosper in life but she is currently single (at the time she granted the interview).

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