Kalida shares his story after living with a marine spirit for 3 years at Odorkor in Accra
Kalida shares his story after living with a marine spirit for 3 years at Odorkor in Accra

A young man named Kalida has disclosed how he spent three years with a lady who took him through a spiritual journey at Odorkor, a popular suburb in Accra.

According to him, he was a hotel receptionist when this beautiful lady approached his counter to book a room at around 6:00pm years ago.

In an interview on Vibes in 5, he said he was shocked when the lady asked him to help her with her luggage to her room when they had not even exchanged pleasantries.

After his kind gesture, he said he became friends with his beautiful client and after one thing led to another, she requested to visit him at home.

What shocked him to the core was the fact that she didn’t ask of his address prior to her visit.

“One evening I was home and I heard a knock. She came to my house like she was using google maps. I was shocked so I asked her how she got to know but she rubbished it,” he explained.

The young man added that anytime he was around the lady, the atmosphere literally turned cold and gloomy but he paid less attention to that since the beauty of the lady got him hooked on.

Few days after their meeting, he said the lady rented a two bedroom apartment for him where she requested for the house to be painted white, both indoor and outdoor.

“It was 700 Cedis a month and she said it was cheap. She had a small purse and all the money she took out came from it. I never saw her with an ATM or asking someone to send her money.

“She was always taking out fresh dollars from the purse. So she called the agent and paid for five years instantly,” he said.

Additionally, he said the lady bought him a car among other things that made him comfortable in life.

“I thought God had sent me my helper. I was so happy to have met her because she was doing everything for me. She bought me a car, new clothes and gave me anything I wanted.”

One thing that got him to start thinking twice was the fact that he was beginning to have dreams where he found himself sitting at a seashore everyday.

One night I had a dream and someone gave me a ring. When I woke up, I saw the ring beside me I got scared. But she came in later and confirmed it.

When I wore the ring I changed and I couldn’t fear anything at all. It was as if some power had entered me and she is the only one who could remove the ring from my finger.

She took me to Dansoman beach and said she wanted me to meet her mum. She took water, circled it and there was a loud noise and no one around was hearing it. In no time, two women appeared. They were so beautiful and they had anklets on – One of them was her mother.

That was the day that I realised that I am not living with a human being anymore. I couldn’t complain because anytime I was around her I couldn’t think straight. Her mother was the queen of the sea and I had seen her in my dreams many times before I got to meet her.

Talking about his sex life, he said there was no physical intercourse between them but they had sex spiritually. He would eventually have a foreplay with her but in no time he will find himself dreaming and then the encounter will happen.

I felt like having sex with her but anytime I got closer to her, I became soft. I love breast so if I suck her breast and I sleep, I dream having sex with her. However, when I wake up I see that the bed is wet, he added.

We never slept in the same room. The day I saw her mum… on the way coming she was showing me their cosmetic shops and apartments in Accra and Tema. They have agents handling them. I began seeing things that I couldn’t see. I saw people walking with their heads, how they greeted each other in the public space among others, he explained.

He said it took the encounter of a pastor to deliver him out of his miseries as things got colder between them.

I was warned never to pick this pastor’s call but one day I did and that was how everything ended. We prayed over the ring and I lost everything that I ever got from her. With the ring I threw it back into the sea and that was how it never returned.

The pastor said one word – Jesus – and everything in the room scattered that day. she vanished after she confessed to me that she was sent to destroy me in life.

According to him, life got harder for him when he accepted Christ because he was no longer enjoying the luxurious life he had.

Though he has been saved, he said he wishes to have the ring back because “life is no longer fun and easy.”

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