Social media users have expressed anger over a trending video of a young lady being flogged for allegedly fornicating.

Although the location of the people is unknown, flogging seems to be a way of punishing offenders caught in the act of adultery, fornication, or prostitution.

According to the video, which has received massive condemnation, the lady believed to be Ghanaian is expected to receive not less than 100 lashes or be thrown in jail.


In pain and tears, the young lady is heard pleading with the men to exercise patience during the act.

The video is however in clear violation of the flogging punishment which was abolished by the order of the Saudi Supreme Court General Commission in April this year.

While women who were caught prostituting or fornicating could previously be flogged, punishment for these crimes has now been limited to jail time or fines. 

Foreign nationals who are caught can also be deported after punishment.