The fate of scores of Ghana School of Law students awaiting the results of remarking of their scripts has been left hanging in a balance after management released a circular communicating further delay in the release of their results.

This is after the expiration of the five-week deadline for the release of the outcome of the remarking, after paying GH¢1,500 per paper.

There has been a public backlash against the undue delay in the release of the results of the remarked papers.


A United States-based Ghanaian lawyer, Prof. Kwaku Asare, recently expressed disquiet about the current situation and described the General Legal Council (GLC) as a failed monopolist.

“The time to break up this non-performing, moribund monopolist is now!” Prof. Asare, popularly known as Kwaku Azar, said in a recent Facebook post.

The management of the Ghana School of Law, in its circular to the student body, particularly those affected by the situation, said the delay is due to circumstances beyond the control of the Independent Examination Council and other technical challenges.

“The results will be released as soon as the challenges are resolved, and this situation will not arise again.

“Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. Kindly accept our apology,” the release concluded.

Following the current situation, Philemon Laar, relinquished his position as Students Representatives Council (SRC) President of the Ghana School of Law after management withdrew its recognition of the SRC president for failing PLC Part 1 exam.

But, Mr Laar, who was forced to resign, contended there were unjust reasons for his removal after an administrative fiat that withdrew recognition of his reign as SRC president.

“The decision to resign was occasioned by the apparent deadlock between the SRC and Management of the Ghana School of Law on whether or not an administrative fiat should be the basis to withdraw recognition for me as a democratically elected executive of the SRC.

“I was unsuccessful in the October 2020 PLC examinations. Like several other students displeased about their results, and convinced that the examination results did not reflect their industry and performance, I applied to have my scripts remarked. Results of the said remarking are yet to be released,” he noted.