Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri

Ghanaian actress, Ahuofe Patri, seems to have finally agreed to marry her colleague and good friend, Kalybos, after rejecting him for many years.

In a new post on Instagram, Kalybos, dazed by a photo Ahuofe shared, begged her to marry him. She first laughed over the proposal and then agreed a few minutes later.

He wrote: “Please marry me wai” to this, Ahuofe first laughed at the comment. But then, she commented again “Yoo mati (with a red heart emoji)”, meaning “Alright, I have heard you”, perhaps, after reconsidering the proposal again for a few seconds.

kalybos1: “Please Marry me wai.” priscilla_opoku_agyeman: “@kalybos1 you Mati.”

Others admired Ahuofe Patri’s photo: akrofiben57: “Good one and nice picture…Marvulouse.”

_iloveyourdaughter: “Classic.”

gheo_mickie: “my crush.”

efya_savage._: “Beautiful sis.”

Kalybos first proposed to Ahuofe Patri in 2017, but she turned him down.

Kalybos, speaking on the issue, said Ahuofe Patri had never taken him serious and so she turned him down. However, it appears Kalybos has finally gotten what she wanted now that Ahuofe Patri has said ‘okay’ to his proposal.

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