Ama Rasta
Ama Rasta

Barely 24 hours after musician Ama Raster pronounced curses on the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) executives, the body has promptly made payments to her.

The singer revealed in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz that an amount of GH₵290 was deposited into her account after her actions in front of the GHAMRO offices.

She claimed the swift action taken by GHAMRO to pay her the money has gone a long way to prove that the organisation’s hesitation to pay her royalties was a deliberate act.

Ama Rasta, on Wednesday, went to the offices of GHAMRO to curse its workers over their failure to pay her royalties.


Ama Rasta holding alcohol and eggs

Ama Rasta told Andy Dosty that but for her decision to pronounce the curses, GHAMRO would have kept the royalties due her.

She said the institution had, on countless occasions, failed to tell her the exact amount of money due her as royalties as well as failed to tell her what the royalty they give her at the moment entails.

GHAMRO’s National Coordinator, Yaw Osbourne, has, however described the curses as coming from someone who he considers not to be too civil.

According to him, the individuals at GHAMRO to whom the curse was directed don’t disburse royalties.

He explained that there is a system in place that handles such disbursements.

He also alleged that Ama Rasta’s actions were influenced by musician Akosua Adjepong, who is fighting the organisation in court.