Actor and media personality, Mr George Quaye, has been appointed Artistic Director-in-Residence of the National Theater, Management of the facility announced on Thursday.

The interim appointment follows a decision by the Management and Board of the National Theater to pilot an Artistic Director in Residence program, aimed at providing leadership for the National Drama Company.

With the new role, Mr Quaye will lead the production of the drama “The Gods Are Not To Blame,” originally written by Ola Rotimi, which will premiere at the National Theater on 2nd and 3rd December 2023.

Ms Amy Appiah Frimpong, Executive Director of the National Theater, introducing Mr Quaye officially, said the Artistic Director-in-Residence program was to help foster “a stronger collaboration between the public and private sector in the development of theater in Ghana.

“The idea is to work with a Director who is known in the field of performing arts, and has a strong artistic voice, directed plays in the past and has a huge audience base as well as sponsors for past events,” she explained.

“It is our hope that the Artistic Director-in-Residence program will provide fresh and diverse perspectives on how we work and produce content at and for the theater.

“We hope to leverage the Artistic Director-in-Residence’s ability to draw in audiences and sponsors, which will lead to an opportunity for staff to learn new processes and ideas, especially for our public relations and marketing staff,” Ms Frimpong stated.

She believed the concept would promote the Theater’s goal of “inspiring artistic experience, develop and promote the performing arts”.

The Executive Director added that the new relationship with Mr Quaye would help “build bridges with directors and audiences”.

Mr Quaye thanked the management and Board of the National Theater and called on stakeholders across sectors to help boost the National Theater and the performing arts industry.

He described: “The Gods Are Not Blame” as Africa’s biggest stage play with many moral lessons.

He said the plot spoke to current happenings in the country and asked the public to turn up for the show on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2023.