Martin Kyere, a Ghanaian who survived the massacre of 44 Ghanaians in Gambia, doubts whether the eight bodies that were reburied in 2009 at the Osu cemetery are the actual remains of victims.

The remains were exhumed from a mass grave in Gambia four years after the incident for re-burial in Ghana.

However, Mr Kyere, who is the spokesperson for the victims’ families, says his doubts are stemmed from the fact that no DNA tests were conducted on the remains.


He adds that he is certain about his claims due to a heavy stench around the coffins containing the eight bodies when they were brought to the forecourt of the State House which was the funeral grounds.

About 56 West African migrants including about 44 Ghanaians were reportedly killed on July 23, 2005 in Gambia after using unapproved routes to seek greener pastures in Europe.

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