Ghanaian musician, Okyeame Kwame, has disclosed that two years ago, young men at Jomoro in the Western Region, ganged up to beat him up after he delivered a speech against Galamsey.

According to him, people have to make behavioural changes to mitigate the impact of climate change.

“About two years ago on the ‘DGM Project’, I went to Jomoro with Solidaridad and the World Bank and we sat down with young men who are involved in galamsey, and after I made my speech that galamsey is destroying the waters and farmland, some of the young men ganged up together that they will beat me if they didn’t love my music, they would have beaten me that day in Jomoro. Why? Because they say their parents have been farmers all their lives but they don’t own a motor. But they started galamsey a year ago and bought a Toyota Corolla,” Okyeame Kwame said in an interview on GTV’s Breakfast Show.

The Climate Clock Ambassador said the conversation is not only a social one but about survival.


He urged the public to engage in activities that can help to improve the climate change situation.

Okyeame Kwame added that ways to improve climate change are good farming practices, conversations with our children about energy conservation, urinating in the rivers must stop, reducing meat consumption, changing car oil at the right time so that it doesn’t emit smoke among others.

The rapper explained further that the conversation is not just with advocacy, it also involves technology where young ones will use IT to solve the problem of climate change.

“Young graduates in engineering, from Ashesi, KNUST, Legon, coming together because as you can see it is a little difficult for them to find resources, therefore, if they come together, they will be able to create things including plant-based protein to lower emissions on livestock and produce an even better quality of energy,” he said.

He also said the media should also come together, create content on climate change, share it, and make it trend.

The award-winning musician concluded that the “climate clock says we have only seven years to turn the energy of death, which is coal and fossil fuel into Energy of life.

“We need to act in time, we don’t have 10 years, we don’t have 20 years, we have only seven years to turn our death line into a lifeline. That’s what the clock is saying.”