Funny Face

Comedian and artiste, Funny Face, has given Ghanaians, who are insulting and threatening him over his #EndSARS protest, equal measure of negative words.

Following a clarion call to his country men who feel the pain of others to join him in a “peaceful walk” at Kasoa, the entertainer says he has known no peace.

To him, he is obliged to fight for justice for Nigerians by virtue of the fact that he was born on the day their country gained independence, October 1.

But, Ghanaians have made mockery of his efforts; describing it as senseless, useless and foolish.

However, Funny Face disagreed, explaining his over five million followership will help his voice go a long way in reaching the ears of the Nigerian leaders.


He also dedicated six social media posts full of rants, insults and curses to ‘evil people’ and also said even if a single soul is not on his side, his protest will still come off.

Watch one of his videos below: