A Nigerian lady, identified as Mirabelle, has shared a notice her younger sister served the family, stating her new house duties.

The younger sister, Emmanuella, who happens to be the lastborn of the family, frustrated over her daily house chores, has clearly stated her new roles.

In the notice sighted on Twitter and addressed to the Nigeria-based family, identified as the Jones, Emmanuella indicated being a lastborn is not a curse.

To her, she should, therefore, not be forced to do things for family members who can actually carry out the tasks themselves.


“My chores in this house are becoming too much. It is not a curse to be the last born. A simple task like plugging in torch you use every day, you don’t do,” she bemoaned.

She noted she will now, among other things, wash plates used by herself and parents only.

Read the full notice below: