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FDA warns on the importation of unhygienic baby diapers


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has issued a warning regarding the importation of unregistered and unhygienic baby diapers.

The Authority in a statement on April, 8 mentioned that the importation of such diapers, also known as bale diapers, is strictly prohibited in the country.

Importers, manufacturers, and distributors of baby diapers are reminded that unregistered and poor-quality baby diapers will be confiscated and disposed of safely at the importer’s cost.

“FDA wishes to remind manufacturers, importers, and distributors of baby diapers that baby diapers, popularly known as bale diapers, are not permitted into the country. The importation of unregistered, poor quality, and unhygienically packaged baby diapers into the country will result in their seizure and safe disposal at a cost to the importer.”

“The Authority has noted, with great concern, the continuing practice where disposable baby diapers are still imported into the country, either unhygienically packaged in bales or hidden in bales of used clothing. These baby diapers are subsequently repackaged and offered for sale without adequate label information or no labeling information at all.”

“The public is to note that materials used for baby diapers are tested by the Authority during the product registration process. This ensures that any dyes, skin irritants, or toxins are absent so as not to cause harm to babies. In addition, handling of bale diapers, frequently re-packed and relabelled under insanitary conditions, can cause germs to enter the genital region of a child, especially a girl child, further posing great danger to their health and well-being,” the statement read.

The FDA further urged the public to only purchase baby diapers that are FDA-registered to protect babies from the risk of infections.

“The FDA also wishes to urge the public to help protect babies from the risk of infections by buying only FDA-registered baby diapers.”

Read full statement below:


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