Tonto Dike

Fans of actress Tonto Dikeh have shown concern following her revelation that she takes drips twice a week to achieve glowing skin.

According to the mother of one, she invests a lot in her skin and she takes beauty IV drips twice a week for her skin to look like ice cream.

Sharing a video of herself taking the drips, the 36-year-old wrote:

“ONE OF MY BEST SKIN INVESTMENTS OF 2021… BEAUTY IV SHOT… (I do this twice a week and trust me You can literally LICK MY SKIN (Ice cream)…”

Fans show concern as Tonto Dikeh reveals she takes drips twice a week to achieve  glowing skin - KFN

Reacting to this:

@mary.jibrin wrote: “This is not safe it has side effects just be careful with what you do in the name of fashion the result will be very bad when you get old.”

@chioma_ogboo wrote: “Twice weekly. Hope it doesn’t hurt being poked often?”

@arleneadewole wrote: “This is not the way to go for beauty. This is demonic. This isn’t of God.”

@nancylove792 wrote: “Hi sis! I hope there is no side effect at all ??? We in the medical field we so obsessed with side effects as you know prevention is always better than cure! By the way you look amazing.”

@hollywood_beauty_med_spa wrote: “She’s not sick y’all, she’s only taking Glutathione and Vitamin C IV Infusion therapy, it is a master detoxifier and very effective for glowing skin and anti-aging.”