National Democratic Congress (NDC) running mate, Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, has said the upcoming 2024 election is crucial.

The election according to her presents an opportunity to heal and rescue Ghanaians from their state of hopelessness and hardship.

“The election is not only about bringing the NDC back to power, which is indispensable in our current circumstances.

“The elections ahead and winning them is about winning elections for a purpose. The purpose goes beyond those enumerated above. The purpose is the opportunity to heal our country again. It is about the opportunity to pull Ghana back from the precipice of destruction, of normalising corruption, of incomprehensible greed and from deep despair,” She said at her official unveiling at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

In a clarion call, she emphasised it was time for a shared responsibility and prosperity to build better lives for citizens.

“It is to work towards a Ghana where citizens have confidence and hope and are determined to regain their independence of thought and of agenda. We must work towards a Ghana that at the very least, can feed itself; where the law truly works; where there is shared prosperity; where democracy has not become a fluke; where people are not abused and where the basic necessities of life are not denied the majority or eventually, anyone.

“It is a chance to work hard towards a country where citizens do not feel disrespected, are not intimidated, ignored because of the way they vote or the language they speak. The victory we seek as a party is to invite everyone to the onerous task of rebuilding a broken Ghana, of restoring hope, in a manner that the NDC is capable of doing by their history and achievements,” she added.