Efia Odo

After many failed love relationships, outspoken actress Efia Odo painstakingly took a decision to be celibate.

And it appears the choice is positively paying off for the beautiful video vixen.

In a tweet, she said, “Being celibate has been the best decision of my life.”

Efia Odo’s admission of being a celibate may come as a shock to people considering that she is popular for her sexually suggestive way of dressing.

Efia’s love life has been on the quiet since 2018 when the actress got public and cuddly with her now-ex lover, Kweku Reveloe.

The actress, whose real name is Andrea Owusu, displayed their love affair on social media but later disclosed that she got broken hearted when the relationship failed against her expectations.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz in November last year, the television personality mentioned that she was tired of looking for love.

However, she was optimistic that any man who would win her heart should be sure that he has gotten a good wide.

“I think I have to stop looking for love because I am tired. All the men that come my way are after something else and not real love. They either want to get into your pants or just take pride in the fact that they are dating Efia Odo which does not work for me.

“I dated a couple of guys back then and all didn’t work. I wish I were married with children because that is what I want right now. I understand love and when a man understands me it is very easy for us to roll. I am not a difficult person, and I am very submissive when I am in love,” she said at the time.