The President of the Ghana Actors Guild says all efforts to reach one of the Guild members Christabel Ekeh over speculations of mental imbalance have proven futile.
Sammy Fiscian who was obviously distraught over the situation explained that all attempts to reach the actress or any family member have yielded no results.
Speaking to Joy News’ MzGee he said, “We’ve been trying to reach her without success. The contact we had which was supposed to be for mother and we haven’t been able to get through to her. We seem to have hit a wall.”
According to him, the one person who may have helped the Guild with contacts to the actress or her family also has her phone off.
He also believes that other people close to her who may be in the position to help with contacts are shying away and refusing to get themselves involved in the issue.
Actress Christabel Ekeh who has starred in movies like ‘Potomanto’, and ‘Love or something like that” earlier this week posted nude pictures of herself on her social media page and justified it by saying it was a way of “welcoming everyone to the new me.”
This action coupled with what some have described as eyebrow raising behaviours of the actress in recent times have compelled the President of the Actors Guild amongst many others to believe that the Ghanaian and Nigerian actress may be mentally challenged.
“We are of the view that she is challenged mentally and so if we are able to get through to any of the family members especially the mother, we would be in a better position to do see what we could do,” he said.
In as much as the Guild is eager to do what it can to help salvage the situation, Mr Fiscian insisted that they may not be able to do anything without the concern of the actress family thus the need to reach them at all costs.
He pleaded with the general public who may have any information or contact with the family to come forward to help the Guild with information.