The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has disconnected power to Accra Academy Senior High School (SHS) at Kaneshie over debts owed.

It is not immediately known how much the school owes.

However, ECG officials is said to have cut the power on Monday afternoon.

The entire campus plunged into darkness as of 08:40 pm on Monday, February 19, 2024.

A teacher who spoke under the condition of anonymity expressed grave concerns about the situation.

“Today is the saddest day in my life as a teacher with over 31 years of experience. I have never witnessed anything like this before. We received a call that ECG officials were on campus to disconnect the school due to some indebtedness.

“What pains me is that the teachers staying on campus, who use prepaid meters, have also been disconnected. Currently, we have about 3,000 students in school, and this is the situation we find ourselves in. If something happens to any of the students, who will be held responsible?” he told Accra-based Citi News.

Students and teachers who reside on campus he disclosed are frustrated by the development.

He has therefore appealed to ECG to restore power for their safety and adverse impact on teaching and learning.

“We called the officials, and they insisted that they were following orders from above to disconnect us due to the amount we owe. We don’t even know the exact amount, and we are not the ones supposed to pay it.

“Despite our efforts to prevent this situation, they never listened. I appeal to the ECG leaders to consider the students. I urge them to come back and take the necessary steps,” he pleaded.