A woman’s hope of seeing late former president Jerry John Rawlings, a man she claims is her father’s body, was dashed as she was refused entry into the funeral grounds.

A video in possession of Adomonline.com has the woman desperately patrolling the premises of the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

Her patrols, as observed in the video, may be her futile attempt at getting an alternative route but that was not to be.

As her search for alternatives failed, she resorted to rants amid hitting of her chest and exchange of words with security personnel present at the premises.

The woman has since been identified as Abigail Mawutor ‘Rawlings’, a 52-year-old who says she’s the first daughter of the late statesman.


She asked to be recognized as a legitimate daughter of J. J. Rawlings and be allowed to be part of the funeral rites.

Watch the attached video below for more: