A Nigerian lady has gone on the internet to seek for an advice after she fell in love with a person of same sex.

Her new love interest is no ordinary woman, but her husband’s first wife who she has been staying with following their union.

Her story triggered a lot of reactions, given the fact that she no longer loves her husband again; courtesy of the secret affair she now has with the first wife in his absence.

Speaking to an online marriage specialist, she narrated her story, noting that it all began recently when they moved to their own house and their husband insisted they sleep together in his room, contrary to how they had lived before.

She said their husband’s weird sexual fantasies included threesome, which they were forced to indulge in, but in no time, it became a norm in their marriage.

Based on the sexual connection she established with the first wife, she said she has lost all interest for her husband and wishes to be with her rival.

Read her text below:

Hello Nengi, Happy new year. Please am really confused, I need help on something.

Am 28, my husband is 48 but I am his second wife. His first wife is 38.

At first, he will sleep in my room and we will have s3x, and other days he will do same with the senior wife.

Recently, we moved to our own house, even though we all have our rooms, our husband insists we sleep together in his room, and he will have s3x with the senior wife or me, then it was causing problems.

So my husband decided to start sleeping with the both of us together. He will do her small then do me small till we are all OK.

The problem is, I never imagined I can do such till my husband started it with us. Now, my co wife and I will be touching ourselves, at the beginning, it was strange but now I like it. 

Now, if our husband is not home, my co-wife and I will make love, and I like it. I now love her more than my husband.

Please what can I do? Hide my identity please.