Controversial actress Akuapem Poloo has expressed her readiness to be in a polygamous marriage following her latest conversion to Islam.

The actress, in an interview, revealed when she took the oath to tow the Islamic line, she psyched her mind for all the pros and cons of the religion.

That, she said includes accepting her lover to wed at most four women, in accordance with Islamic marriage rites.

According to her, she is ready to become a second or even third wife so long as she does not suffer in the marriage.

“If I love the man and my heart comes to you, why not? If you’ve married two, three or even 10 and you can still take care of me, why not?. Anything can happen so I am ready for anything only if I will not suffer.”

Poloo indicated that her future husband must be financially sound and be ready to support her.

Also, she is seeking for an understanding, patient and mature man to share her lifetime journey of love with.