A 26-year-old man met his misfortune Monday afternoon when his hand got stuck inside a squatting pan while chasing his phone.

In what has been described as a mystery by residents, Kofi Ashaiman’s right hand got clogged inside the hole of the public Water Closet (WC) he had just finished using.

Narrating his ordeal, he disclosed that while wearing his trousers after he had emptied his bowels, his phone fell from his back pocket straight into the WC.

Determined to leave the facility as intact as he entered, without paying any mind to the sanitation condition, he inserted his right hand deep into the dirty hole.

His action led him to the realisation that together with his phone, he is on the verge of losing his hand, as his fist was refusing to come out.

The National Fire Service was called to the scene after all efforts from other patrons proved absolutely futile.

Sweat broke out on his face after every tick of the four hours he was stuck in there went by, as neither the Fire Service personnel nor onlookers could free him.

Despite entering the facility at about 12:00pm, he made his historic exit after 4:00 pm. Sadly, he could not rescue his phone.

It took libation and incantation from the Ashaiman Traditional Council to release him from his ‘bondage’

Speaking to Adom News after the incident, a linguist for the council, Gideon Narh, said the situation seemed spiritual than physical.

He, however, added that that was the first of such incidents to ever be recorded in the vicinity.