Ras Nene /@official_ras_nene - Instagram
Ras Nene /@official_ras_nene - Instagram

Asamoah Gyan’s prestigious family is soon to welcome a new addition, although this child will not be biologically related to the footballer. Instead, the child has been dedicated to Asamoah Gyan by actor Dr. Likee.

Reciprocating kindness showered on him since his emergence into the film industry, Dr Likee said it is only prudent he names his child after Gyan.

According to him, Gyan has played the daunting role of his godfather and offered him both financial and moral support.

“Asamoah Gyan is one of the few people who believed in my talent. Even when I was a nobody, he posted my skits and it went viral and that’s why I am here now. So for Asamoah Gyan, I owe him a lot. I will not be able to pay him back, so the child I will be welcoming next week will be named after him,” Dr Likee said, drawing cheers from his set mates.

On why he has reached that decision, Dr Likee said he wants his child to emulate the good attributes of Gyan which includes his love for his country.

Aside the benevolent factor, he further mentioned Asamoah Gyan’s supportive nature and team sprit as one of the reasons he would want his child to be raised in the identity of the legendary footballer.

Dr Likee broke the news when Asamoah Gyan paid him a surprise visit while he was filming on set.

This, in Dr Likee’s view is a testament of Gyan’s unwavering support for him and his entire team.

As a matter of fact, Asamoah Gyan purchased the camera which has shot all of Dr Likee’s hilarious films and skits.