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Don’t have sex for job opportunities or anything in the workplace – Nana Aba Anamoah


Media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah has advised young women to refrain from succumbing to sexual advances from men in exchange for job opportunities or career advancement.

Speaking on 3Music TV, she emphasised that in such compromises women are not only being taken advantage of or exploited but, also undermines their dignity and self-respect.

“It’s just that some men think that is how they can exhibit power…If you are a young girl and you are caught up in that situation, I’ll say to you, do not have sex with a man,” the broadcast journalist said.

“One girl told me if ‘I have sex with a man it’s not written on my forehead, nobody will know’. Yes, but it is your dignity. If you want to have sex with a man, have sex with a man but not because there is an opportunity at stake, that is your self-esteem gone,” she added.

Although she has never had any man give her such an ultimatum in the workplace, she strongly believes that it is in the interest of any woman in such a situation to not risk it.

Additionally, she noted that the blame cannot be placed at the feet of the young women in such situations as many do.

Addressing the tendency to blame young women for these predicaments, she said “It is not their fault…if you say watch ‘how you carry yourself’ then you are apportioning some blame to the young women. There is an insane man who thinks that ‘this girl, even though she is competent, I must get into her pants before she gets the job.’ So it is not the young woman’s fault,” she said.

Nana Aba Anamoah believes it is completely fine if women decide to have mutual sex however, they should never do it because there is an opportunity at stake.

“Of course, you will be confronted with so many challenges that at that point you need the job and the money…However I want to tell every young woman that exchanging sex for a job is not the way to go,” she said.


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