Ghanaian gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, has accepted in good faith the termination of her contract by management, Frimprince Music Production.

A letter dated August 4 stated that the termination of her contract was due to several breaches of verbal agreement to work together after 22 years.

The terms of the contract termination listed some harsh conditions which include takeover of her social media platform, ‘The Evangelist Diana Asamoah’ on Facebook.

She was also restricted from any financial right of listed songs produced during her time with the music production.

Also, the record label will dissociate itself from of her annual concert dubbed ‘Abba Father.’

In a statement, Miss Asamoah said she accepts the terms of termination including the former management’s disassociation from the Mabo Wo Din company and all its accounts as well as the Abba Father concert.

She, however, requested that any matter concerning the remixing or remaking of her songs should be duly discussed with one Pastor Simon Boama who is the writer and author.

“With reference to the conclusive part of your letter I plead to differ, any future issues with regards to me (Evangelist Diana Asamoah) using the songs, remaking or remixing them should kindly be channelled to Pastor Simon Boama the writer and author of the songs,” portions of the statement read.

Read the full letter below: