Ivorian socialite, Eudoxie Yao, has announced the end of her relationship with Guinean musician Grand P saying she’s officially single now.

Miss Yao, in a post sighted online, announced her breakup with Grand P saying her relationship with him now is over and she’s moving on.

She appreciated her fans for the love and support they gave her when they were dating.

According to her, she’s officially single now as she’s going to focus on her music and isn’t ready to get herself involved with any man or have any romantic relationship at the moment.

When photos and videos of the two first hit the net as lovers, some people swore she was with him because of his money and not genuine love.

Though she did not state the reason for the breakup, rumours have it that the split is over cheating allegations on the part of Grand P.

Miss Yao has once accused Grand P of cheating on her and threatened to walk out of their relationship, but their differences were resolved.

This breakup seems to have come as a surprise to some people and others seem not to be surprised as if they expected it to happen sooner than is has and as she said, she’s officially single but not ready to mingle.