A pregnant woman, identified as Matilda Gamu, who lives in the Northern region of Ghana has shared her experience of stigmatisation after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

Speaking on how she was initially diagnosed of the disease, madam Gamu said she fell ill and was unable to swallow food, for which she was sent to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor on hearing she had difficulty in swallowing food, concluded she had contracted the disease, a statement she said angered her husband.  

But results later showed she had indeed contracted the disease.

Sharing her story in an interview with Joy News’ Kojo Yankson, Matilda said the stigmatisation against her got so strong that some of the comments got to her at the hospital.


The stigma was so strong that when at the hospital, people would call me and ask all sorts of things, I sometimes even regretted having a mobile phone and it really affected me. I felt down in my spirit, she narrated.

And as a pregnant woman it wasn’t easy for me but my husband and family supported me a lot and often prayed for me, she added.

Even though she’s recovered from the disease, Matilda says her husband and daughter are still being stigmatised.

She recounted an instance where stones were thrown at her daughter by some children in the vicinity who also called her names.