A public health specialist has told Ghanaians and the world at large to brace themselves for more recorded cases and deaths from the novel coronavirus.

The assertion made by Dr Paul Oduro in an interview on Joy News on Monday, stems from the fact that infected persons currently not showing symptoms of the virus will do so in the coming days, adding to the total number of cases.


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“There are two types of people harbouring the virus, those showing symptoms (symptomatic) and those not showing symptoms (in-symptomatic) and despite the measures put in place, those not showing symptoms of the virus now will alter do so adding up to the total figure,” he said.

“Now those not showing symptoms can also pass the virus to others without even knowing, and that is why I said there will be more infections and deaths,” he added.

Globally, over 339,000 cases of the novel COVID-19 have been recorded with more than 14,000 deaths.