British Airways
British Airways

The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) has accused British Airways of an additional $50 being charged for ticket fees.

CPA has further alleged that the charge is part of an agreement between the airline and Standard Chartered Bank.

But CPA has said it believes that the passenger should not be caught in the middle of any agreement between the two firms.

The Agency has in a statement, therefore, called for an immediate halt of the charge which it describes as illegal.

“CPA’s attention has been drawn to an illegal practice by British Airways with regards to paying for your airline tickets with cash at Standard Charted Bank. BA and Standard Charted Bank have decided to charge $50 for paying off your ticket at their branches, this is an illegal practice, and we are urging BA to stop immediately,” the statement read in part.

Meanwhile, the Agency has urged the flying public who have been victims of the alleged extra charge to report to the CPA for a possible refund.


Read the full statement below: