A middle aged Ghanaian has shared a chilling story of how he may not see his family again due to the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19, popularly known as coronavirus in Europe.


Francis Kofi Appoh is now at the cross-roads as his wife and two children remain in Italy which is now on lockdown.

Narrating his story on Adom TV’s flagship political show, Nnawɔtwe Yi, the distraught man, who lived in Italy for 17 years, said he returned to Ghana in 2019 to establish a company to contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.

Mr Appoh said his plan was to relocate his family to the country if he is successful.

A year on, his business is thriving and he decided to visit his wife and children whom he had not seen for a long time.

Unfortunately, Ghana on Thursday, March 12, 2020 also recorded two coronavirus cases making it very difficult for him to join his family in Italy.

“I’m confused and scared because my wife and children are alone in Italy and I’m here in Ghana which has also recorded two cases,” Mr Appoh bemoaned.

His wife, Marie Theresa, an Italian, who also spoke to show host, Chief Jerry Forson, said life in Italy due to the outbreak is very difficult.

She explained that, nobody can leave their homes without a signed document saying they know the risks they are taking by being out.

As a mother, Madam Theresa said she is much more concerned about the safety of her children who are now being home schooled due to the pandemic.

The picture she painted made her husband, Mr Appoh more apprehensive as there is no end in sight.

“From the way things are going it means I can’t see my family for a long time because even Ghana is not safe,” he cried.