Greater Accra Regional Minister, Daniel Titus Glover says chieftaincy is not about waging wars to conquer territories.

According to him, the phenomenon is supposed to foster friendship, collaboration, and community development.

Mr Glover noted that, chieftaincy involves a deep bond that unites ethnic groups through love and mutual respect.

He asserted that the visit by the Asantehene to the Ga land exemplifies this bond. The love and respect shown by the Asantehene and the Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, highlight the true essence of chieftaincy as a force for unity, not conflict.

He noted that the love that both Asantehene and the Ga Mantse, as shown for both ethnic groups, is a sign that tells and shows how nice and love the chieftaincy is all about is not always about war.

Speaking at the royal durbar in honour of the Asantehene’s visit, he stated, “Chieftaincy about friendship collaboration and how we can develop our people. Whether in the area of education, industry, trade and commits, physical infrastructure development and digitalisation.”

“Recently his Royal Majesty Otumfuor registered his 25th anniversary we witnessed in his reign an epitome of peace, a symbol of unity, and also qualitative leadership that he has demonstrated during his reign as the king of Asanteman.

Mr. Titus also highlighted the unique cultural identity of the Ga-Dangbe people, characterised by their festivals, rites, and traditions.

“We believe that our friends from Asanteman equally have culture and tradition they are equally proud of

“On this not on behalf of Nii Ga and the entire Ga state, the regional coordinating council, we are so proud to receive Otumfuor and his delegation for this visit, we want to partner with him to tap on his rich experience to boost the friendship between the Ga state and Asanteman.”

On June 6, the Ga Mantse announced a historic visit by the Asantehene to the Ga State.

Leader of the Planning Committee, Nii Boi Abbey said this first-ever visit by the Ashanti overlord marks a major milestone in the history of the two kingdoms.

“The visit will be crowned with a special durbar hosted by King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, the Ga Mantse.

“It is a historic visit and rekindles the strong ties of friendship between the Gas and Ashantis. It also follows the Ga Mantse’s active participation in the Asantehene’s recent celebration of his 25th anniversary on the throne,” he said at a news conference.

He added, “The Ga and Ashanti people have had extensive interactions, which have led to the exchange of cultural practices, traditions, and ideas.”