Chief Sofo Azorka

The National Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Chief Sofo Azorka, says his threats against activists of the ruling party were misinterpreted.

Addressing party supporters in the Savannah region and showing what he claimed to be a registration book of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Chief Azorka, encouraged members to deal with NPP members who disguise themselves as officials of the Electoral Commission.

“If you see anyone in your community holding this book and going round, writing our people’s names, masa don’t let him go free,” he said in a video making rounds, to which the supporters retorted “Finish him.”

Chief Azorka, following the viral video, has received a lot of backlash amid calls for his arrest.

However, reacting to the viral video in an interview on a Bole-based radio station, he blamed the Savannah regional NPP Chairman, Alhaji Iddrisu Sulemana, widely known as Professor Kalamonia, for the outrage his comment has elicited.


“Who is Kalamonia? You see, these people are confused. We are dealing with the criminals who are going round taking people’s ID cards. Kalamonia is a small boy in politics. He doesn’t know anything in politics; he is a newcomer, and doesn’t know politics than me,” he said.

Chief Azorka noted that he was not perturbed by the calls for his arrest, adding his comment had many meanings in the dictionary and did not mean calling for the killing of anyone.

“Me Sofo Azorka I know my left and right so if I say some words those words have lots of meanings in the dictionary. Some people said they should kill people and they are killing them.

“You journalists when Kennedy Agyapong said they should kill that journalist, they killed him. Did they arrest him? So I’m ready for anything.

“I, Azorka doesn’t see an arrest to be anything for me so far as I’m fighting for my party,” he added.