Award-winning singer and songwriter, Joseph Oscar Nii Armah Mettle, popularly known as Joe Mettle in the gospel fraternity, has said he will never go in for a proposal from any betting company.

Stating his reason on DaybreakHitz on Hitz FM, he indicated that involving himself in that won’t do him good since he is a minister of God.

“I won’t even ask anyone, it’s a straight No for me,” he said.

“I happen to be a minister of God who is gifted with the ability to sing and so my first assignment is to my service to God and so he expects certain things as well from me,” he added.

According to him, he believes companies who offer support expects something in return.

“No company will give you without asking you anything in return. They would have to account for it,” he noted.

However, he wishes that aside from betting companies, other companies could support the work he does but he explained they are scarce to come by.

“About sponsorship, sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn’t. We wish sometimes it will come more but it doesn’t,” Joe Mettle stated.

“But you see one of the things I have realised is despite all that each time something needs to be done, God in his own way makes a way,” he added.

According to him, one “needs to know where to draw the lines and what will work or will not work for you”.

Citing an instance, he said “I don’t know how but the events we were doing had no company sponsoring but we got individuals sending in money as their support.”#