Wondering what to wear for an exclusive dinner event? Adom TV’s Adepam fashion show has got you covered with exquisite designs for Week 3 runway.

Building up from the previous week’s Signature couture, the 12 contestants of Ghana’s biggest fashion competition were tasked to produce breathtaking dinner outfits.

True to judges Sikapa and Seiwaa’s expectations, the audiences agreed that the contestants delivered to perfection.

Of all the designs, contestant Grace Eshun walked home as the best designer for the night. She now tallies with last week’s winner for Signature Couture, Emma, with single wins each.

The design, which earned her the acknowledgement, was a simple red silky gown with thigh slits and a flowy tail.

Though her design was not exaggerative, the judges believed her detailing and techniques worked in her favour.

Judge Sikapa complimented her for being the main contestant who went according to the theme.

She was followed closely by contestant Dzifa who designed a black and golden ensemble.

She accessorized her couture gown with beads and secured the slit with golden chains.

Judge Seiwaa expressed interest in the perfect blend of the black lace and gold fabric.

Onyameous‘s model mounted the runway with a semi-detachable gown made from a shiny blue-black fabric.

The tail can be reversed to expose a short skirt lying effortless beneath the gown. He complemented the look with some beadwork.

The judges believe his creativity is A+ but in terms of style, he fell a little short.

Contestant Vidash sew a dress for a dark-skinned client with a two-toned burgundy fabric accessorised with white flowery patches.

She included a handmade purse and fascinator for the evening look.

Judge Seiwaa appreciated her effort but she was not too impressed with the fascinator and other visible details of the gown.

Gabby claimed all the fans when his model mounted the runway with a two-toned black and white gown.

The design is such that the tail can be detached to leave a full jumpsuit look for both executive and casual dinner.

The judges saluted him for his creativity and bringing the design to life in its fullest.

Contestant Philip brought stiff competition to the game with his black and brown fitting gown he designed for his model.

The gown looked simple from the mid section to the slit, but he added a touch of elegance to the bust area and hands.

He created an elaborate shoulder style and added a turban for extra effect.

The judges applauded him for his creativity, but it is their opinion the design is too racking for a dinner event.

Contestant Richie brought a royal gala feel to the runway by designing a gold gown with a shawl-like extension to the shoulder area.

He created extra design with pleats and folds to define the curves of his model.

The judges believed it is a good work and they had no fault with his sewing technique.

However, the fascinator, they believe, does not complement a dinner outfit.

KBaw designed a style he calls ‘economy’ which is suitable for multiple events aside dinner.

He opted for a simple red and black flare dress which has a hidden and tucked wide-legged pant.

The judges expressed disappointment that he went below the theme for the week, however, they opined his style would have been a perfect fit for a casual wear.

Ahmed attracted applauses from the audience with his elegant black Gatsby-themed gown.

He made good use of feathers and fluffy fabric to create a see-through corset style the judges appreciated.

Though his outfit was good, it is the judges’ opinion he went a little below than his usual creative designs.

Contestant Portia played it safe with a one-hand pink gown and an extra purse.

She employed the technique of draping and side pleating to create a curvy impression on her model.

The judges were absolutely smitten by her signature sleeves and applauded her for her creativity.

Patrick is the only contestant who made an ensemble for a male model in Week 3 of Adepam Season 2.

He presented a three-piece signature wear which redefined the African look and made it outstanding.

Unlike the usual tuxedo and suit and tie, he made a multi-coloured robe which covers his usual shirt and trousers.

He took inspiration from Emperor Haile Selassie, but added his own twist of a big belt in the middle section of the outfit.

As the winner for last week’s task, Emma had a collaboration with a 12-year-old pupil to create a beautiful design.

They came up with a dress comprising two shades of green and a fascinator as an accessory.

Their joint effort brought to life a multiple hook sleeves on a corset top and flowery slits.

Again, the judges believe Emma outdid himself, but he lost some points for including a fascinator for a dinner wear.