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Chaos at Legon as Police disrupt vigil for late NSMQ star


A peaceful vigil for James Lutterodt, the KETASCO National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) poster boy, erupted into chaos over heavy security presence at the venue.

Until his demise, Lutterodt was a Computer Science student at the University of Ghana (Legon), and resident of the Vandal City, hence his colleagues dimmed it fit to hold a candlelit procession in his honour.

The late night event was being observed at the Volta Hall when police officers stormed the venue to forcefully chase out the students.

It is worthy to note that the management of the University have placed a ban on events and gathering since August 2022 over some inter-hall violence during last year’s hall celebrations.

A statement issued to the students notified that no events are to be held without the express approval of the Dean of Student Affairs, warning that the “directives will be strictly enforced, and any infractions will be met with appropriate sanctions”.

Multiple reports indicate that they were whipped with canes and belts, causing some injuries on a few students.

The aggrieved students have taken to social media to bemoan the treatment meted out to them as they defended their decision to pay last respects to James Lutterodt.

James was reported dead on July 3, 2022 over what was initially believed to be caused by poisoning.

However, his father, Philip Dogbeda Lutterodt, clarified that he “he experienced difficulty breathing.”

The NSMQ organisers, former president John Mahama, the Education Minister and many sympathisers have commiserated with the bereaved family.


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