Renowned worship leader and prophetess, Cecilia Marfo, has finally revealed the relationship between her and Kumasi-based gospel singer, Brother Sammy.

To him, she is a Christian and her doctrine does not teach her to hold grudges and therefore has nothing against him, adding he is his little brother.

“I don’t quarrel with people and for me to hate someone like brother Sammy will be a disaster because he is my little brother. I have even taken a picture with him sitting on my lap. I really loved him and still love him as a brother,” she said when the two appeared on Accra-based Okay FM for an interview.

Madam Marfo openly slapped Brother Sammy during a love show she organised and stretched out an invitation to him.

The slapping incident occurred in 2017 at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.


Recently, Brother Sammy said he was never going to forget the slaps of the now turned prophetess, madam Marfo.

But reacting to the development, the prophetess said she does not blame Brother Sammy for what happened but strongly believes it is the work of the devil to destroy their relationship.

“Everything that happened was the plans of the devil. I don’t even remember slapping him and that shows how the devil wants to separate us. Sammy is my boy, we all do music and we shall continue till eternity,” she added.