Pupils at the Bonakye-Asogya M/A Basic School in the Nkwanta South District of the Oti Region are forced to either sit on the floor or kneel for hours during lessons due to lack of desks in the school.

On a visit to the school, Adom News‘ correspondent, Obrempongba Owusu, observed that the school, aside the desks, also lacks essential teaching and learning materials.

The fate of the pupils ranging from Kindergarten one to Junior High School three hangs as there is no sign of rescue.

The Kindergarten pupils are housed in a dilapidated death-trap structure which poses threat as it can collapse at any time.

The worrying phenomenon, the headteacher of the school, Lawrence Osum, says is not only retarding their academic progress but also makes it difficult for students to concentrate during teaching and learning hours.

A teacher of the school, Naomi Chetri, said she was disappointed to see the school children go through the pain of sitting and kneeling on the floor each day.

She has together with Mr Osum appealed to the government and well-meaning Ghanaians to come to their rescue as a matter of urgency.