teachers black board classroom
File photo: A teacher

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has threatened strike action over conditions of service amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The members say they will have no option other than to disturb the working environment should the government fail to address the economic hardship affecting lives in the country, particularly teachers.

The union says the conditions of Ghanaian teachers are worse as prices of fuel and other goods and services keep increasing without the same being done to salaries.

The Vice President of NAGRAT, Jacob Anaba, at a press conference, disclosed that the government has failed to fulfill its promises made during the Workers Day on May 1, 2021.

Vice President of NAGRAT, Jacob Anaba


Mr Dadzie has, therefore, urged the government to convey an emergency joint public service committee to review the salary of workers.

Their appeal, if not heeded to, he said will force them to embark on series of actions to press home their demands at the end of the month.