A young man has been captured red-handed by a CCTV camera while stealing a mobile phone with a long stick through his victim’s window in an undisclosed location.

The young man had jumped the wall in which his victim was sleeping, removed his slippers to probably reduce any noise that may come from his footsteps before tip-toeing towards his sleeping victim’s window.

Slowly, he surveyed two rooms before settling on one room where a mobile phone he eventually stole was lying.


A careful study of the video shows that the thief tore the net of the window with a blade before reaching out for a stick with a sticky ending that got attached to the mobile phone in the room.

He then signaled an accomplice whose face didn’t show in the footage before exiting the house with his booty.

The CCTV footage which was posted by the victim of the theft has her asking the public help arrest the young man or report him to the nearest police station should anyone spot him.

Watch the video below:

Thief takes phone with long stick through victim’s window
Closer look at the thief’s face