A certain woman, Surena Henry, 48, was recently caught driving a stolen vehicle early Saturday morning.


The thief stole a car and took it for a joyride – then tried to claim she was Beyonce after she was stopped by police.

She tried to pass herself off as the 38-year-old pop star after she was allegedly caught behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle.

Henry’s attempt to pass herself off as the real Beyonce

A police officer saw the car and gave it a chase, with Henry ignoring orders to pull over, court papers say.

She eventually parked outside of her own home, and allegedly offered the show business identity when grilled about who she was.

Henry is said to have claimed to have found the car with its keys still in the ignition, prompting her to take it for a ride.

Asked why she hadn’t pulled over when flashed by the cop car, she allegedly said she didn’t feel like stopping. She has been charged with unlawful taking of a car, concealing identity and resisting or obstructing an arrest.