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Burna Boy distributes food items, foots medical bills for needy


Grammy-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy, alongside his mother Bose Ogulu, has provided significant support to the needy in Port Harcourt through food distribution and covering medical expenses.

Burna Boy and his mother visited the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), where they paid the medical bills of all patients, relieving many families of their financial burdens.

In addition to settling hospital bills, Burna Boy and his mother embarked on a “Food For All” initiative, distributing food items to residents of Port Harcourt.

They were seen handing out these essential supplies from a truck, ensuring that many people in need received food.

These efforts are part of Burna Boy’s broader commitment to giving back to his community, further cementing his status not just as a global music icon but also as a philanthropist dedicated to social good.

This benevolent act has garnered widespread praise and appreciation from the local community and fans worldwide.


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