Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, has asked one of his SM Militants, Joint 77, to return a car he bought for him when he was part of his team.

In a heated banter on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, monitored by, the Shatta Movement boss asked the musician to return the Toyota Camry he purchased for him for “being ungrateful”.

Joint 77, refusing to be a sell-out, said though Shatta Wale provided a stepping-stone for him to blow, he believes there was certain things he had to do for himself.

He continued that, he sometimes served as a co-writer for Shatta Wale, adding that, there were times that he wanted to record songs but Shatta Wale hardly gave them the opportunity in his studio because he was always busy.


But Shatta Wale, reacting to all the allegations, said Joint 77 was not telling the truth.

Recounting how he emptied one of his bank accounts to buy a car for the SM Militant, the ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker asked him to return the car.

If you leave the studio, call Willi and park my car. I no give you dollars? I no give you money? forget everything and go and park the car, Shatta Wale said.

Shatta Wale last year registered the Toyota Camry with all the relevant documents in the name of Joint 77.

Explaining the gesture, he disclosed that Joint 77 had remained loyal to him for over 16 years, hence he deserved it.

“Congrats Joint 77. New whip. You deserve it brother. You stood for me for 16 f*cken good years because you believed in my Today. I f*cken love you bro!!! All documents in your name…Live life bro,” Shatta Wale wrote on Snapchat.

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