A boy survived a perilous 143 mile journey from Morocco to Spain hanging underneath a bus, it has emerged.

Footage has emerged of the moment emergency services led the migrant away after the bus had arrived in the Spanish city of Seville.

Incredibly, the boy, who was wearing a dirtied white t-shirt, was unhurt after his ordeal having held himself in position under the vehicle for the entire journey from Tetouan, near Tangier in Morocco.

The incident was the latest example of the desperate measures taken by some migrants to get to Europe.

Emergency services in the southern Spanish city said he had been taken to hospital but was in good condition.

A police spokesman told AFP the boy appeared to be Moroccan. He said he had been told the bus came from Tetouan.

‘The bus arrived in Seville, and when the driver was going to let the passengers out, he noted something strange,’ the spokesman said.

‘He called the police and firefighters, and they found the boy who was holding onto the bottom of the bus,’ he added.

Migrants from Africa regularly risk their lives trying to get into Europe via Spain.

Many attempt to cross the Mediterranean sea in rickety boats or climb over the border fence that separates the Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla from northern Morocco.

Earlier this month, a car with five migrants hidden inside rammed its way through a border post between Morocco and Melilla, forcing officers to abandon their posts to avoid being run over.

Once inside Melilla, the Moroccan driver abandoned the car but was soon detained by police.

Inside the vehicle, they found five migrants — two in the boot, two others under a false bottom in the rear seats and another in the dashboard.