File photo: Police

The swift intervention of the Bono East Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has averted a potentially violent chieftaincy clash in Portor, located within the Kintampo Municipality.

The region, previously marred by sporadic gunfire and property destruction, is now experiencing relative calm due to this decisive action.

The past week in Portor saw a tense atmosphere marked by sporadic gunshots, property destruction, and the chasing of opponents.

The unrest stemmed from the installation of a new chief by the Lukpewura, which faced strong opposition.

Portor, although traditionally known as Moo/Nkoranza land in the Bono East region, has a majority Gonja population. This demographic detail has fueled longstanding claims by the Gonja Traditional Council to the custodianship of the area.

The recent clashes were ignited by the overlord of Gonjaland installing a chief from one of the Gonja gates, leading to rebellion from another faction.

The Bono East REGSEC, after meeting with leaders of the two opposing factions in Techiman last Wednesday, moved to engage the youth and broader community in Portor to foster peace.

The REGSEC engaged with representatives from the two primary groups, the Chawchaw and Bawa families, and their supporters. They also inspected properties that had been attacked and addressed an attempted assassination of one of the leaders.

It’s worth noting that in 2016, one of the leaders was tragically shot dead while praying in a mosque.

The Bono East Minister, Kwasi Adu-Gyan, who led the team, urged for peaceful coexistence among the community members. He called on both factions to work towards harmony and mutual respect.

The assembly member for Portor East electoral area, urged security personnel to adopt a firm and strict stance against perpetrators to maintain peace and order in the community.