Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky is in pains as her driver has absconded with her Benz and money amounting to N600,000, an equivalent of GHS8,734.

Bobrisky has revealed that the driver has shown instances of theft of which he was fired but his kind heart led her to recall the driver to duty.

Having no regard for the hands that feed him, the driver made away with her Benz cla 300 which she ordered the driver to send for repair work in a bid to fix some mechanical issues, Bobrisky alleged.


That aside, the driver was handed N200,000 to pay for the services and other expenses on the car as well as N396,000 for general home maintenance work.

With almost N600,000 in his possession, the ‘stupid’ driver as Bobrisky described him, suddenly vanished into thin air, leaving his boss to wail in pain.

Having reported the matter to the police which still remains unsolved, the socialite did what she knows how to do best – run to Instagram to report the issue to her over 1 million followers for help.

Read her Instagram post below: