Black Sherif
Black Sherif

Budding rapper, Black Sherif, has debuted a new haircut for 2022 after blessing fans with a view of his head late last year.

The only view of Sherif’s hair was captured in a snippet of a freestyle he recorded in 2019, prior to his fame, which he posted on New Year’s eve.

Sherif, whose brand style is covering his head with a durag or cap, disclosed that the intent for covering his hair is to hide his receding hairline as well as his small head.

The explanation came after his fans inquired if the secret to his talent and newfound fame lies above his head.

To answer all and put a rest to the rumours, Black Sherif has relaunched his style, displaying his hair in the latest photo.

He was photographed with short and dyed hair to give him the ‘blondie bad boy’ look.