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It has emerged that, three of the young men who desecrated their friend’s dead body at Asante Akyem Akutuase in the Ashanti region have died.

It is not clear whether the act is directly responsible for their demise, but the people are certain they have been punished by the gods of the land.

The young men are not from Akutuase but they came there to bury their friend whose father is from the town.

Asante Akyem: Chief speaks on viral video of mourners carrying corpse

Chief of the area, Nana Kofi Bediako confirmed this in an interview on Adom News.

He said the Traditional Council has taken punitive measures to ensure such despicable act does not recur.

Father of the deceased and the young man who took the video and posted on social media have been fined.

Chiefs fine man whose son’s corpse was manhandled in viral video

This, Nana Bediako said is to purify ‘Brosambour’ their sacred god during ‘Awukude3’ on July 17, 2024.